Why Not Bottom Paint?

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Antifouling paint or bottom paint is a type of chemical coating that prevents the attachment and/or growth of marine organisms such as bivalves on boat or ship hulls.

Anti-fouling paint works primarily by poisoning, killing or driving off the free-swimming larva of barnacles and other marine organisms that like to attach themselves (or, in the case of shipworms, bore into) any submerged object, especially wood. Historically, anti-fouling paint has been made of copper and/or tin compounds, and has always been extremely harmful to marine life, sometimes leading to ecological catastrophe, such as one well-known case of mass die-offs at French coastal shellfisheries in the 1970s-80s.

Recently, companies that manufacture anti-fouling paint have been trying to jump on the “green” or “sustainable” bandwagon, but their products are still incredibly harmful. A good rule of thumb is, if a paint or an anti-growth compound warns you against exposing yourself to it, that means it’s also bad for marine life.

The whole sea food chain leans on microorganisms such as plankton and algae. Aside from large marine mammals such as whales, almost every living creature in the sea has a life cycle that involves eggs and tiny swimming larva; to make things worse, many of these young organisms spawn and mature near the shore, in inland waterways, where they can be safe from currents and predators, and often, this is exactly where many boats are docked. If many of these boats sport poisonous bottom paint, the very spawning grounds that sea organisms rely on to nurture their next generation will end up becoming ecological death zones.

Finally, even without environmental considerations, bottom paint can be a pain – it costs thousands of dollars, and takes many hours to apply. The application needs to be done by professionals at a specially equipped boat yard. The boat needs to be lifted clear of water, cleaned off, the areas to be painted need to be sanded and primed before receiving the first toxic coat.

If the application isn’t done properly, the expensive ($250 per gallon) paint can de-laminate and peel off in sheets as soon as you try to use the boat, leaving you in the same situation as before, and many thousands of dollars poorer.


As a matter of fact, you’ll end up poorer regardless, since bottom paint severely degrades the aesthetics of a boat, and can reduce the resale value of a seagoing vehicle by up to a third. It gets worse: even if you’re keeping the boat, it still causes a money drain, because the paint increases water drag, which lowers your top speed and increases fuel consumption correspondingly, by up to 50%.

Yes, bottom paint is a loss all around. Unfortunately, in some cases there’s no good alternative yet – for example, boats that spend a long time traveling in the water (weeks or longer), or very large crafts or ship that can’t feasibly use a Hull Protector may need to be painted. For all other boats, though, the choice is clear: Hull Protector.

Why Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative?

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative keeps your boat dry while it is in the water! Sound too good to be true? Well, Hull Protector is here! protect your boat from growing anything on the bottom. Also protect from electrolysis! With Hull Protector you can leave your boat in the water as long as you want and sustain a perfectly spotless bottom! With this system you don't have to rely on your bilge pumps to keep your boat floating!

Easy to use and maintain…

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is made of materials that can last in saltwater for over 100+ years! The only part on the Hull Protector that ever needs to be serviced is the barrier shield, this can be serviced by bottom cleaning by a boat bottom cleaning technician. If ever damaged, it can be patched or worst case, easily replaced while the boat is still in it!

No inconvenient boat lift operation…

Hull Protector eliminates the need for a boat lift to protect your boat from bottom growth and electrolysis. Boat lifts are usually over $10,000.00, require city permitting to have installed, usually require pilings to be installed and more... Boat lifts hold a lot of weight on thin cables and that is really scary when you are lifting 1000's of pounds! Boat lifts are inconvenient, and take a good amount of time to lower and raise your boat in and out of the water. You also need to align your boat perfectly on a boat lift before you raise your boat out of the water to prevent damaging your boat. Hull Protector can be opened and closed in seconds, Is simply tied to your dock, and eliminates all the stress of a boat lift. This is truly an incredible system.

Save Time and Money…

Antifouling bottom paint is ugly and toxic to marine life. Did you know your boats value can drop 30% after you paint the bottom of it with antifouling paint? With antifouling bottom paint your boat suffers a loss in speed and fuel efficiency. With antifouling bottom paint, your boat needs to be repainted every 6 months to 1 year if left in the water, and your boat bottom needs to be scraped usually by a diver every month in between (this scraping is also toxic to the marine environment)... DID I SAY SCRAPED!?! Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative protects your boat from all of this...