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Hull Protector Floating Dry Docks: protect your boat and the environment!

Among many advantages of our Hull Protector design, a significant one is the extremely low profile. The barrier frame is almost entirely submerged at all times, with only 3 or so inches visible from the surface, so all the zoning issues that may apply to a large and conspicuous object don’t affect the Hull Protector. Moreover, our system doesn’t require any alterations to the dock, like permanent attachments or hardware, so it should not take any more permitting than a simple buoy (none). Finally, with Hull Protector your boat is never lifted out of the water unlike high-tension boat lifting devices with elements like steel cables that are considered to be a safety issue.

Permitting issues and arguments for Hull Protector in both private and public spaces:

  • Hull Protector is a temporary, non-invasive system that is docked with ties, the same way that a boat does. This means that it can be untied and moved easily and at will.
  • Hull Protector is not an aesthetic nuisance, only 3 inches of it are visible above the water; horizontally, it takes around the same amount of space as the boat itself does.
  • There are no safety issues due to lifting systems that are under high tension and could cause injury.
  • With a Hull Protector system, the boat will not need to be cleaned or scraped, which will reduce the disruption or nuisance (not to mention environmental hazard) of in-water professional bottom cleaning.
  • By reducing the reluctance of boat owners to leave their boats in the water, Hull Protector market penetration can be beneficial to owners of marina slips by increasing occupancy.
  • Marina docking value is improved, since by using Hull Protectors, marinas can now be used permanently for boat storage.

*If your local marina, condo, or other locality regulates or limits the use of Hull Protectors, please print the PDF document below and present it to the proper authorities for approval.





























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Why Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative?

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative keeps your boat dry while it is in the water! Sound too good to be true? Well, Hull Protector is here! protect your boat from growing anything on the bottom. Also protect from electrolysis! With Hull Protector you can leave your boat in the water as long as you want and sustain a perfectly spotless bottom! With this system you don't have to rely on your bilge pumps to keep your boat floating!

Easy to use and maintain…

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is made of materials that can last in saltwater for over 100+ years! The only part on the Hull Protector that ever needs to be serviced is the barrier shield, this can be serviced by bottom cleaning by a boat bottom cleaning technician. If ever damaged, it can be patched or worst case, easily replaced while the boat is still in it!

No inconvenient boat lift operation…

Hull Protector eliminates the need for a boat lift to protect your boat from bottom growth and electrolysis. Boat lifts are usually over $10,000.00, require city permitting to have installed, usually require pilings to be installed and more... Boat lifts hold a lot of weight on thin cables and that is really scary when you are lifting 1000's of pounds! Boat lifts are inconvenient, and take a good amount of time to lower and raise your boat in and out of the water. You also need to align your boat perfectly on a boat lift before you raise your boat out of the water to prevent damaging your boat. Hull Protector can be opened and closed in seconds, Is simply tied to your dock, and eliminates all the stress of a boat lift. This is truly an incredible system.

Save Time and Money…

Antifouling bottom paint is ugly and toxic to marine life. Did you know your boats value can drop 30% after you paint the bottom of it with antifouling paint? With antifouling bottom paint your boat suffers a loss in speed and fuel efficiency. With antifouling bottom paint, your boat needs to be repainted every 6 months to 1 year if left in the water, and your boat bottom needs to be scraped usually by a diver every month in between (this scraping is also toxic to the marine environment)... DID I SAY SCRAPED!?! Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative protects your boat from all of this...