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*Pictured: 26′ catamaran safe from barnacles on a Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is a floating, dry docking system for small to medium size boats. Our system (patent pending) maintains a low water profile, but allows your boat to stay dry and protected from barnacles and other kinds of marine growth without lifts, hoists or other kinds of lifting devices! With a Hull Protector, you can avoid many problems that plague boats, such as Electrolysis, Biological Growth and Water Staining. Australia, with its pervasive tradition of sailing and boating, has taken a lead in recognizing the value of this product as a completely environmentally-friendly hull protection measure.

The advantages of a Hull Protector:

  • Low-Maintenance, Very Easy To Use
  • Keeps Both Drive System & Hull Protected
  • No Need To Lift The Boat From Water
  • Innovative, Advanced Solution
  • 100% Ecologically Responsible Solution

Hull Protector employs a distinctive air gate that can be lifted and lowered at will, so that your boat can easily enter & leave the dry-dock without having to be lifted from the water. When your boat is where you need it, the gate is raised and an automatic system pumps the water from the dock to leave the entire boat Safe and Dry!

The hull protector dry dock has an automatic water drainage system that not only runs when the boat is put into dock, but automatically pumps out any wash or rain that goes over the barrier. The barrier is engineered with a tear-resistant and corrosion-proof composite shield that hugs the hull of your boat with a reticular surface. This way, any water that has entered the barrier gathers at the bottom and can be pumped out right away, without stagnating or pooling. The automatic water evacuation system uses a computer actuator and water sensor, which allows the whole process to take place without human supervision or input. Better yet, this works on all boats and with every hull shape!


  • No more toxic and ugly bottom paint
  • No more dangerous lifts or hoists
  • Get your boat in and out of water almost instantly
  • Keep your boat afloat and protected at the same time
  • Protector prevents hull leaks from damaging your boat
  • Less battery drain on your auto bilge pump
  • No more Electrolysis!
  • No more Growth on Hull Bottom!
  • Easier to clean your craft after boating while it’s in Hull Protector dock



This gallery shows Hull Protector in Wet Dock Mode:

This gallery shows Hull Protector in Dry Dock Mode:

This gallery shows the operation of Hull Protector, and some of the system’s parts:

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative features both no-hassle installation and no-hassle upkeep, and for a system that requires so little effort on your part, it guarantees almost total protection for your boat against biological growth on the hull, damage from debris, and salt water electrolysis alike. These factors can do lethal harm to many essential elements of your boat, such as transducers and the drive unit; moreover, this damage can occur in as little as a fortnight, With Hull Protector, your boat will be shielded from all of these damaging factors the entire time that it’s in dry dock. The system is equally effective at protecting V-Hull boats and catamarans alike!

*These photos showwhat can happen to boat hulls without Hull Protection Boat Lift Alternative


The Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is engineered with plastics and polymers that are so resistant to salt water damage they could last for up to a century! The materials have been selected to be both mechanically strong and hostile to bottom growth. While marine life such as barnacles will slowly colonize any surface, due to the properties of the Hull Protector surface, it will occur much more slowly than it would on an unprotected boat. The flexibility and smoothness of the material are both factors that limit underside growth. After a number of years of use, if there is some biological growth on your Hull Protector, it can be easily cleaned by a professional. Moreover, the bottom doesn’t necessarily need to be cleaned of all signs of growth, since the tough composite shield of the Hull Protector won’t corrode or degrade like a boat hull would – as long as it can remain afloat, the unit will fulfill its purpose. The bottom shield can be attached from the boat itself simply with a zip clamp.

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative uses an extremely strong Kevlar 29® Composite Bottom Shield Material for maximum service life. The Hull Protector edition designed for Inboard/Outboard Motors is specially made to protect non-running Propellers, Drives, and other elements.

*Note the images with the outboard motors trimmed completely down while the Hull Protectoris in Dry Dock mode.

*Note on the left-most photograph, you can see that the boat hull is dry & protected down to the Drain Plug!


  • Cleaning chemicals used in cleaning boats and seagoing vehicles are frequently toxic to marine life and the environment. In a Hull Protector, all these chemicals will be contained and won’t spill over into the sea. You can then turn off the pump and wait until most hazardous chemicals have evaporated, before pumping the water out into the sea.
  • Gasoline/oil spills that occur while working on a boat will be contained in your Hull Protector, allowing you to clean up the spill before they infiltrate the environment at large.
  • Floating debris that could scratch, hit or cling to your boat will be kept away from its shiny hull by the Hull Protector.
  • Dropped objects that fall into the water from your boat while it’s docked won’t sink forever to the bottom, and you’ll be able to recover them easily on a floating dry-dock. Small but valuable things such as keys and sunglasses will get a second chance at your possession!

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is designed to serve for many years, and be forgiving of user error. The system we invented isn’t like anything else out on the global market today – unlike every other boat hull protector we found, our system can be easily serviced, and doesn’t rely on inflatable pontoons or other devices that can easily capsize your boat. Hull Protector is exceptionally strong, and can withstand the assault of the sea. It’s user-friendly and very easy to assemble, take apart and repair. The system is number one worldwide when it comes to Usability, Ease of Repair, Cost, Toughness and Longevity.

Why Hull Protector?

  • Low profile
  • Most damage can be repaired within minutes
  • Most materials used in construction can last a century in the sea
  • Lower part of shield can be replaced even with a boat inside
  • Quick shipping and delivery
  • Lower cost than most other systems

Why not other systems?

  • Inflatable construction makes for a tall/thick profile
  • Damage can’t be easily repaired, sometimes requires complete replacement
  • Inflatable materials will degrade, harden, crack, etc.
  • Bottom shield can NOT be replaced
  • Slow shipping and delivery
  • High cost


Hull Protector doesn’t have many of the elements that usually lead a boat protection system to require local or state permits. It’s not mounted on the dock, doesn’t include any modifications or fabrication – it can just be roped to your dock, and left to float like a boat bumper. Furthermore, Hull Protector has a very low profile and doesn’t catch the eye, therefore constituting a zoning issue or aesthetic problem for the owner. Hull Protector does NOT lift your boat out of the water at all, but keeps your boat in its natural floating state where it is most stable. If you have questions about local regulations, ask your local city hall if they have special provisions for a Hull Protector.


*If your local marina, condo, or other locality regulates or limits the use of Hull Protectors, please print the PDF document below and present it to the proper authorities for approval.

Why Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative?

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative keeps your boat dry while it is in the water! Sound too good to be true? Well, Hull Protector is here! protect your boat from growing anything on the bottom. Also protect from electrolysis! With Hull Protector you can leave your boat in the water as long as you want and sustain a perfectly spotless bottom! With this system you don't have to rely on your bilge pumps to keep your boat floating!

Easy to use and maintain…

Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative is made of materials that can last in saltwater for over 100+ years! The only part on the Hull Protector that ever needs to be serviced is the barrier shield, this can be serviced by bottom cleaning by a boat bottom cleaning technician. If ever damaged, it can be patched or worst case, easily replaced while the boat is still in it!

No inconvenient boat lift operation…

Hull Protector eliminates the need for a boat lift to protect your boat from bottom growth and electrolysis. Boat lifts are usually over $10,000.00, require city permitting to have installed, usually require pilings to be installed and more... Boat lifts hold a lot of weight on thin cables and that is really scary when you are lifting 1000's of pounds! Boat lifts are inconvenient, and take a good amount of time to lower and raise your boat in and out of the water. You also need to align your boat perfectly on a boat lift before you raise your boat out of the water to prevent damaging your boat. Hull Protector can be opened and closed in seconds, Is simply tied to your dock, and eliminates all the stress of a boat lift. This is truly an incredible system.

Save Time and Money…

Antifouling bottom paint is ugly and toxic to marine life. Did you know your boats value can drop 30% after you paint the bottom of it with antifouling paint? With antifouling bottom paint your boat suffers a loss in speed and fuel efficiency. With antifouling bottom paint, your boat needs to be repainted every 6 months to 1 year if left in the water, and your boat bottom needs to be scraped usually by a diver every month in between (this scraping is also toxic to the marine environment)... DID I SAY SCRAPED!?! Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative protects your boat from all of this...