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No More Bottom Growth!

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  • The Best Antifouling Solution!
  • No More Barnacles!
  • 100% Green Product!
  • No More Electrolysis!
  • No Paint Required!


Avoid Costly Damage

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  • Keep Your Boat Out Of The Water
  • Save Money on Maintenance
  • No More Wasting Time & Energy
  • Your Boat Will Look Like New
  • No Fuss, No Mussels


Bottom Shield Material

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  • Advanced Interwoven Composite Material!
  • Durable
  • UV & Salt Water Proof
  • Made to withstand Bottom Growth!



Keep your Bottom Clean!

Our unique, Patent Pending Floating Dry Dock Systems protect the bottom of your boat from every type of sea damage, like electrolysis and growth! They're very easy to use - pull the boat in, close off the gate and launch the automatic water pump. When the dock is dry, the pump will stop automatically, without any need for supervision. And voila! you're done, your boat is even protected from surface debris! the perfect Boat Lift Alternative!

Never Clean the Underside of Your Boat Again!

Get the best of both worlds - store your boat in the water while protecting it from water damage and growth! The Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative Floating Dry Dock System works in both salt water and fresh water, for universal and reliable boat storage!

Instant Results!

Avoid using ugly lifts and pontoons, and have your boat ready to go in a heartbeat! Never again scrape barnacles off your hull, or paint it with toxic chemicals! With our floating dry-dock system, your boat will look as good as the day you got it, all without using hazardous and nasty anti-growth paint. The best Boat Lift Alternative!

Longest-Lasting Boat Protection Available!

The materials used to engineer Hull Protector can withstand salt water for more than a century! The construction and operation of the system is simple and uses the fewest possible moving parts for maximum reliability in the hazardous environment of the sea and sun. The Hull Protector body is made from a Kevlar-based and extremely strong fiber composite polymer, and can be replaced in case of damage. With minimal effort required for use and upkeep, Hull Protector will leave you worry-free for years!

The Evils of Bottom Paint

Bottom paint is both unsightly and bad for the environment. The downsides of hull bottom paint are many:

- Increases drag, raising fuel use by up to 40%!
- Slows down your boat
- Decreases the value of a boat by up to 30%
- Expensive and time-consuming to apply
- Needs to be refreshed every 1-2 years!
- Monthly cleaning still required for underwater components
- Toxic to sea creatures
- Ugly compared to a new boat hull
- Does nothing to shield drive, propeller and other parts
- Boat still vulnerable to electrolysis

Your Boat Lift Alternative is here!

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Hull Protector is #1

Australia is a boater's heaven, and Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative's efficiency and 100% ecological friendliness gained its huge popularity in that country since 2004. Now, the system has reached American shores, and is available exclusively through
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Go Green! Hull Protector Boat Lift Alternative…

By design, anti-growth bottom paint is hostile to marine life. This is what lets it keep barnacles and other creatures at bay. However, most people don't realize just how toxic and harmful it is. The chemicals that kill underwater organisms trying to attach themselves to boat hulls leach into seawater and affect the entire marine environment, not just the boat hull itself. Most sea organisms hatch from eggs and spend time as very small motile larva, and anti-fouling chemicals can and have caused very serious consequences for these creatures, sometimes leading to large-scale food chain collapse.